Hand Coded Web Agency process

We take a structured approach to web design. Our development process was created to ensure every project is delivered on-time and on-budget. Once your web design project kicks off, here’s what to expect:

Initial Planning

We’ll have a call or meeting to confirm your needs and requirements. This will ensure that nothing gets missed and we deliver what’s expected. Regular communication is essential for the project running smoothly.


Wireframes are your first chance to visualize your website. While they’re not nearly as detailed as the final website will be, they give a visual representation of the website’s overall layout.


Once all website wireframes are completed and approved, we’ll proceed with website mockups. These add colour and a bit more detail to the initial wireframes, giving us a stronger visual representation of the final product.

Copy & Graphics

Once we’ve both signed-off a final design based on the mockups, Hand Coded will proceed with development. At this important stage we need all the necessary images, logos and written content.


We’ll kick off the technical side of the web design process. This will include deploying your CMS, creating your custom designed pages, and setting up your website’s analytics.


We’ll use various tools to benchmark your website for loading, responsiveness, and speed, while also ensuring that it works reliably on modern web browsers and mobile devices.

Deployment & Optimization

Once we’re sure that your website is ready to be released to the public, we’ll deploy it on your public domain.

Then, you’ll have the option to shift into a monthly maintenance & support package. This will allow Hand Coded to resolve issues, monitor the server, update the CMS & associated plugins and make minor tweaks.

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