Starting your own company

A few people have asked how to start your own company, so I've shared a few of my tips below:


To hit the ground running, you can do the following before officially trading:

  • Read "Stop Thinking Like a Freelancer" (see Amazon)
  • Choose a company name
  • Purchase domain names (see Hover)
  • Setup email (see G Suite)
  • Setup social media accounts (see Buffer)
  • Design a logo (see SquareSpace or Wix)
  • Design and print business cards (see
  • Build email signature
  • Build website (see Hand Coded Studio!)
  • Sign contract with Accountant
  • Setup 'Limited Company' with Accountant
  • Arrange business insurance (see AXA)
  • Set up business bank account (see Metro Bank)
  • Record your "pre-trading" expenses

Operational costs

I've also provided an indication of costs below.

  • Setup company (see = £100
  • "0208" phone number (see Yay) = £4 p/m
  • G Suite (see G Suite) = £5 p/m
  • Mac Mini (see Hoxton Macs) = £600
  • 2 screens (see Insight) = £240
  • Business insurance (see AXA) = £10 p/m
  • Accounting software (see Xero) = £15 p/m
  • Accountant = £80 p/m

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