WannaCry ransomware - Patches save lives

WannaCry ransomware comes in 2 parts. The first part – the EternalBlue exploit kit which was created by the US National Security Agency in order to use Windows operating system vulnerabilities. The second part – an encryptor that is downloaded to a computer after it has been infected.

The WannaCry virus provides a timer countdown warning that the payment amount will be raised after 3 days and the victim will completely lose their personal files after 7 days.

It’s worth protecting your machines by installing Plumbytes Anti-Malware, which is trusted software that can detect and remove most security threats.

If you use Windows, install the official Windows patch (MS17-010), which closes the SMB Server vulnerability used in this attack. Microsoft even released this patch for operating systems that are no longer officially supported, such as Windows XP.

You can further protect yourself by backing up your files. Use an online service or an external hard drive.

In the case of the NHS, patches can save lives - but how does this apply to website development? Hand Coded strongly advise you keep your Content Management System up to date with any security updates. WordPress regularly update their codebase to resolve any security vulnerabilities. Login to WordPress now to see if you system is out of date.

WordPress isn’t vulnerable to this attack, but hackers are always inventing new ways to scam people out of money.

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