Keeping in contact during Coronavirus lockdown

The UK Government have implemented a strict nationwide lockdown, and advised all workers to work at home where possible.

To keep in contact with your colleagues and friends, here are a few online tools to try:

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Facetime Both WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger only allow 4 people on a video call, however Facetime allows up to 32 participants. Note that Facetime is only available on Apple devices.

Zoom Zoom is a great audio & video conferencing application, mainly used in the workplace. The free package allows up to 100 participants, for up to 40 minutes.

Slack and Microsoft Teams Both Slack and Microsoft Teams are for the workplace, and allows a full suite of features with channels, private messaging and chat history. A paid account is required for Slack to use the group call feature.

Google Duo Duo is designed for home users, and requires a Google login. It's limited to 8 participants.

Skype Skype is a tried and tested tool, which runs on multiple platforms. Calls are free, but some pro features are only available on "Skype for Business".

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